How to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is a common phenomenon which occurs especially in men when they are getting older (but women also suffer from hair loss). Over time, hair loss is expected to lead to bald areas without hair at all. So, why does it happen? What causes hair loss,  who are the people who suffer from it, and how to prevent hair loss? Let stat by understanding why does it happen.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Over the years, many people have studied the phenomenon of hair loss and even came up with  many types of treahow to prevent hair losstments which suppose to slow down or reverse the hair loss

Hair loss  occurs usually due to two main factors: genetics (heredity) and environmental factors.

The above factors, lead to the lack of presence of chemicals in the body that affect the strength of the hair root.

Testosterone is the primary reason for hair loss in men.  The hair loss occurs because Testosterone is transforming into a substance called DHT, which large quantities of it, may cause the hair follicle to die.
Contrary to Men hair loss, Hair loss in women is the result of shortage of an element called estrogen.

Hair loss can be a result of

– Lack of vitamins (usually zinc and iron, which affect the growth of the hair and its fall)
– Anxiety and stress
– malfunctioning of the thyroid gland
– Sign of internal sickness
– Side effect of medication which were taken
– Trauma or poor mental condition

Who suffers from hair loss

Both men and women suffer from hair loss – especially as they get older. However, men are more likely to suffer from hair loss than women because of genetic reasons.

Hair loss in women usually occurs when they reach menopause, a time when the body is disturbed hormone balance and may lead to estrogen deficiency and increase testosterone.

So How to prevent hair loss?

There are a variety of solutions are known, some with high success rates hair loss phenomenon. Treatment against hair loss is not permanent, and should be adapted individually – based on gender and cause that has affected the hair loss rate.

how to prevent hair loss

Hair loss Medication

Drugs known to treat hair loss are Propecia and Rogyin. Propecia is a drug permitted for use only by men.

It appears in the form of ingestible pill and aims to prevent hair loss by reducing the amount of the hormone DHT in the body – which is responsible for hair loss.

Rogaine  compared to Propecia, is a drug that can be used both by women and by men. It appears in the form of a solution for external use and brings the growth of hair, sometimes hair has already fallen.

We must note that Propecia has many comp0alints that it hurts bthe man sexual functioning. Although never provged

Include natural remedies and herbal supplements, which found that consumption improves the phenomenon of hair loss.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are carried out by analyzing the transplanted hair taken from the back of the head in the area where hair loss occurs.

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